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First movement from the forthcoming film "Songs from a Changing Evening Land" with Hehku Ensemble, Millimeter Productions and 3CSound. The project is a tribute to Per Nørgård for his 90th anniversary. For more information - visit  

Sound recorded May 2022 by Daniel Davidsen in the Copenhagen Citadel Church. 

"Ishara" in Per Nørgård´s opera "Gilgamesh" at The Rued Langaard Festival 2022, opposite Leif Jone Ølberg as Enkido, with Ensemble MidtVest and Ensemble Esbjerg under the baton of Magnus Larsson. Instructed by Esben Tange.

Poppea in excerpts from "L´Incoronazione di Poppea" (Monteverdi) in Stormen Concert Hall for the Final Concert of Aria Borealis Festival, Bodø June 2022. With counter tenor Franko Klisovic and orchestra from Finnish Baroque Orchestra, Concerto Copenhagen, Drottningholm Barock Ensemble and Barokkanerne led by Petteri Pitko. Instructed by Victoria Bomann-Larsen.

Performing "Songs from Evening Land" by Per Nørgård in a birthday concert with Nørgård himself on the first row for his 90th anniversary 2022. 

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