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Stormen Concert House
Photo: Frida Sandnes Bringslimark

Christina af Klinteberg Herresthal

Christina Sofia af Klinteberg Herresthal is a Norwegian-Swedish Mezzo Soprano who is particularly passionate about chamber music, baroque repertoire and contemporary composers. While still a Master student at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, studying with Susanna Eken and Tuva Semmingsen, Herresthal has already gained experience as a soloist with orchestras and ensembles such as Orkester Nord, Nordic Baroque, Concerto Copenhagen, Ensemble Esbjerg and Nordic String Quartet, in venues such as Gothenburg Concert House, Stormen Concert House and Copenhagen Music House, as well as in Oslo Chamber Music Festival, The Rued Langaard Festival, Budsjord Baroque and Oslo Ultima Festival. Additionally, Herresthal is active with her own chamber music ensemble Hehku, focusing on baroque and contemporary repertoire.

Highlights for the 23/24 season include her debut as a soloist with The Finnish Baroque Orchestra at Turku Music Festival with an exciting program centered around Èlisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre ́s ”Judith” cantata staged by Aleksi Barrière, as well as singing the Alto Solo in St. John’s Passion (Bach) in Nidarosdomen with Orkester Nord and Trondheim Vocal Ensemble led by Martin Wåhlberg (will be transmitted to Mezzo and QwestTV) and singing the part of Ishara in Gilgamesh (Nørgård) with Ensemble Esbjerg and Ensemble MidtVest. Herresthal is also looking forward to her upcoming debut as the Mezzo Soloist in the world premiere of Katinka Fogh Vindelev ́s opera "Hologrammet" with The Danish Sinfonietta led by David Riddell, as well as the part of Johanna/Eye in the world premiere of The Amputaters (Rachel Peters/Royce Varcek) with Arctic Sinfonietta at The Arctic Chamber Music Festival.

With her own chamber music ensemble Hehku (mezzo,vln,vla,cello,flute,harp and conductor), Herresthal is giving the world premiere of ”SUS” by Aya Yoshida and ”Landet som icke är” by Frederik Zeuthen, as part of the VÆKST festival in Copenhagen Music House. Hehku ́s music film ”Songs from a Changing Evening Land”, recorded with Millimeter Media in 2022 in honor of Danish Composer Per Nørgård, is also played continuously in venues such as Gothenburg Concert House, Oslo Ultima Festival and Copenhagen Music House. Furthermore, Herresthal forms a duo with Swedish lutenist and baroque guitarist Fredrik Bock, performing programs combining baroque repertoire, Nordic folk music and contemporary works.

Passionate about working with living composers, Herresthal has a close collaboration with American composer Maya Miro Johnson who, mentored by Missy Mazzoli, is writing an opera entitled Patience concerning the genius and suffering of artists in female-assigned bodies who experience psycho-physiological torment in the health care system because of their biological sex, with the main role being tailor written for Herresthal ́s voice. Herresthal has also sung for composers such as Kaija Saariaho, Missy Mazzoli and Per Nørgård.

Inspiring guidance from artists such as Tuuli Lindeberg, Tuva Semmingsen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen, Emma Kirkby, Petteri Pitko, Anders Dahlin, Randi Stene and Marianne Beate Kielland continues to be essential to Herresthal in terms of stylistic specialization and artistic expression.


Herresthal is currently studying for her Master Degree at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, studying with Tuva Semmingsen and Susanna Eken. In Master Class, she has also worked with Emma Kirkby, Lars-Ulrik Mortensen, Anders Dahlin and Tuuli Lindeberg


As a member of the Norwegian National Opera’s Children’s Choir from age 7-17, Herresthal performed in numerous productions both as children choir in main stage productions, as well as solist parts in children operas on stage 2 in roles such as Kia (Knerten og Lillebror) and The Herold (Maxwell Davis: Cinderella). 


In the opera productions of The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Herresthal performed the following parts: Nurse Renault (Vestergård:Titanic), Euridice/Euretti 2 (Landi: La Morte d’Orfeo), Ariadne (”Se den vandklare kilde” by Abrahamsen in FRAKTAL) and Maman/La Libellule/Une Pâtre (Ravel: L’enfant et les sortilèges).




Herresthal is grateful to have received grants from  Fegersten Foundation , Helge Axsson Foundation, Wilhelmsen Foundation, Signe Butenschøn Foundation, Sveaas Foundation, Poul and Ellen Herz Foundation and Feldthusen Foundation. 

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